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Pipeline cleaning pigs such as polly, steel mandrel, solid urethane, and pigging accessories


Photo Courtesy of Girard Industries

Cleaning pigs such as Polly Pigs, Steel Mandrel Pigs, and Solid Urethane Pigs are in stock and available for immediate delivery through Logical Pipeline Solutions. We stock a special selection of cleaning pigs from manufacturers such as Girard Industries, Knapp Polly Pig, Inline, Pipeline Pigging Products, Enduro and TD Williamson. Also, pipeline cleaning pig accessories such as pig tracking equipment, gauging plates, geophones, pig passage indicators and other items are available for either sale or rent.



Logical Pipeline Solutions have over 20 years of experience in all aspects of pigging. Our experience includes the manufacturing of cleaning pigs as well as their daily use on projects such as hydrostatic testing, pipeline drying and chemical cleaning. It is hard to believe but many companies have been using the “wrong” cleaning pig for years and don’t even realize it. Even though the “wrong” pig may work, is it the most cost effective cleaning pig available? Selecting the best pipeline pig for line filling and dewatering during hydrostatic testing can play a major role in how quickly hydrostatic testing and pipeline drying can be completed. So many companies are still using Polly Pigs for these applications, simply because that is the type of pig that has been used for decades, at least in some parts of the world. In most applications, the Bi-Di pig is far better for line filling prior to hydrostatic testing and dewatering prior to pipeline drying. We are happy to assist with your cleaning pig selection, no matter what your application.  Call or e-mail us today to discuss your potential pipeline cleaning pig needs.



Why are pipeline cleaning pigs called ‘pigs’?  In a book by J.N.H. Tiratsoo, Pipeline Pigging Technology, (1988), Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, Texas, USA, he says the most reasonable explanation might be from the squealing type sounds some of the early pigs might have made as they travelled the pipeline. Or maybe it was simply from their dirty appearance. Whatever the reason for the name, they are critical to the efficiency and life of a pipeline. Cleaning pigs remove unwanted liquids such as water, a major component in the corrosion process. Corrosion can be a source of pipeline failure, which can be catastrophic. Also, solid debris such as “black powder”, sand, calcium carbonate and paraffin can quickly build up and easily choke the life out of a pipeline.  Just a minimal increase of a few millimeters of debris can start to reduce throughput, increase pipeline pressure as well as increase overall maintenance cost.


It’s interesting how incestuous the pipeline pigging industry has been, but that is somewhat true for a lot of industries. In the pigging industry, few people know that the founder of Girard Industries once worked for Knapp Polly Pig, and that the founders of Pipeline Pigging Products once worked for Girard. On another branch of the pigging industry tree, not many know that the founder of Enduro, once worked for TD Williamson. There are even more branches to the pigging tree that maybe someday someone will try to connect. It is our belief that all of these branches grew from the realization that the pipeline cleaning pig industry is not only a necessity, but an important tool in maintaining the integrity of oil and gas pipelines all over the world. Logical Pipeline Solutions is proud to take an active role in the cleaning pig industry and supporting the needs of the pipeline industry.

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