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Dust Containment Bags

Years ago pipeline dust containment was not a big issue when performing pipeline drying after hydrostatic testing or pipeline cleaning.  Scenes like the one above were very common with pipeline debris such as mill scale and sand sometimes blowing for miles.  Today, pipeline dust containment bags and pipeline filtration from Logical Pipeline Solutions help keep the air we breath a lot cleaner by catching debris as small as 5 microns.  We also stock a variety of dewatering bags.

Current stock of pipeline dust containment bags include the following sizes:
12" x 25 feet
12" x  37.5 feet
12" x 50 feet
12" x 75 feet
12" x 100 feet
12" x 150 feet
24" x 25 feet
24" x 50 feet
24" x 37.5 feet
24" x 75 feet
24" x 150 feet
48" x 25 feet
48" x 37.5 feet
48" x 50 feet
48" x 100 feet
48" x 150 feet

Custom dust containment bag sizes and materials are available upon request and typically with very little lead time required.....often same day availability. 

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