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Launchers Receivers

Logical Pipeline Solutions is now offering a newly patented temporary pig launcher and pig receiver capable of operating at pressures up to 360 PSI (25 Bar).  These new temporary launchers and receivers can be installed within minutes through a patented "slip-on" design. The temporary pig launcher or pig receiver requires only bare pipe surface for mounting to the pipeline. The Inpipe Products patented Posi-Seal Assembly grips the pipeline surface while also forming a positive seal. Our temporary pig launchers and pig receivers are excellent for running any type of pig or sphere in a variety of applications, including limited space applications such as offshore or in plant applications where space is extremely limited or where a flanged connection is not available.

We are also now offering "conventional" flanged mounted pipeline pig launchers and pig receivers for both sale and rent.  We offer custom fabricated, flange mounted scraper traps for both high pressure and low pressure pigging applications. Our current rental fleet of flange mounted temporary launchers and receivers are built for ANSI 150 applications with crossover flanges available to rent to ANSI 600 flanges.  Rental launchers and receivers to ANSI 600 are currently available for up to 10" diameter pipelines with larger diameters available as soon as possible.

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