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Neoprene Disc

We now offer cleaning pigs with Neoprene disc for 2” through 48” diameter pipelines.  These same Neoprene disc are also available as replacement disc for almost all cleaning pigs on the market.  Neoprene disc are excellent for many chemical and high temperature applications where Polyurethane might not be compatible.  For hydrostatic testing and drying work, many contractors prefer Neoprene disc for both filling and dewatering the pipeline.  Whether you need Neoprene disc, Nitrile disc or Polyurethane disc, we have the right products for almost any pipeline cleaning pig requirement.


Scraper Disks - Dimensions & Specifications


1.      3"-16" Discs are molded without center hole; specify size if required.

2.      Discs 18" and larger have center holes and bolt circles.

3.      Metal inserts for bolt holes 18" and larger are standard.

4.      When ordering discs, please specify material, quantity, nominal pipe hole size from dimensions listed above.



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