Logical Pipeline Solutions

Pig Signaler Replacements

As the original patent holder of the pig sig, TD Williamson has sold thousands of their trademarked "pig sigs" over the years.  So it is only logical that the need for eventual replacement of old nonworking units would be some of the highest in the industry. Why not replace your old nonworking pig signalers, no matter who the manufacturer, with the latest and greatest in the industry.  Our Omni-Sig incorporates a simple trigger that operates in any direction, meaning 360 degrees, not just uni-directional or bi-directional.  Our unit will also work when the trigger is hit from the bottom just like the button style signalers.

Another major problem with almost all mechanical pig signalers on the market is the simple mechanical gears and link from the trigger to the flag and/or electrical switch.  We have eliminated most of the problems associated with the mechanical link with a magnetic circuit that also eliminates the possibility of product leaking through dynamic seals.
If you have an existing pig signaler with a TD Williamson thread-o-ring (TOR) or some other mounting already welded to your pipeline with a nonworking unit, simply unscrew the existing pig signaller and screw our Omni-Sig into place.  If your unit is on the pressurized portion of the pipeline, you can use a hot tapping unit to remove the existing pig signaler and remove the old nonworking unit.

Installing new pig signalers under pressure can be safely done with proper hot tapping methods.
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