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Pipeline Drying
The drying of pipelines, stations and other vessels after hydrostatic testing is critical for many products and especially for natural gas pipelines.  The lack of sufficient pipeline drying has been documented in many pipeline industry papers as an excellent source for corrosion, erosion, hydrate formation and a variety of other costly operational issues. The long term, and often short term, impact of internal corrosion created by incomplete pipeline drying has on occasion led to pipeline failures.  This may not be a huge issue in some isolated rural areas, but many of today's pipelines run under high density population areas where a gas pipeline failure could be catastrophic. Gas pipeline failures have in fact been catastrophic in states such as Colorado and California in recent history.

The Latest In Pipeline Drying Equipment
In 1992, new drying equipment developed in Europe was introduced to the pipeline drying and dehydration industry in parts of Europe. Because of the high volume of business this very small company generated in Europe, this equipment has not been widely used outside of Europe, until now. Logical Pipeline Solutions is happy to introduce this unique high volume air drying system to the rest of the pipeline drying world.

Photo of Chilling & Drying Components

Our newest equipment produces approximately 4,500 CFM of oil free,  -80F dewpoint dry air, all from a single 20 foot container. Our newest dryer just finished it's final field testing by drying approximately 200 Kilometers of the 56" NEL Pipeline project.

An additional drying unit can be added if necessary to produce almost 9,000 CFM of dry air with an amazingly small footprint. The single most important feature of this system is the fact that fuel consumption is typically less than 50% that of conventional air compressors in many applications. In some applications, fuel savings far greater than 50% can be obtained. The reason for the significant fuel savings is very simple. Our dryer uses a single diesel engine, under minimal load, unlike the maximum load on the engines of conventional air compressors. Our system is much like a locomotive.  We have a single diesel engine, working under minimal load to power a generator, which in turn powers the rest of the components.

Additional Pipeline Drying Advantages
Another advantage to our unique pipeline drying system is our short project setup time. Once our system is delivered on site, typical setup time is less than 2 hours, not days. Another potential advantage to our system can sometimes be lower mobilization cost. We are typically mobilizing a single 20 foot container and not several air compressors. With our dramatic reduction in fuel consumption, we provide an equally dramatic reduction in exhaust emissions (CO2-NOx). Also, on many projects, fewer pigs are required due to our higher evaporation rates, caused by our higher volumes of dry air.  Fewer pigs required also means lower shipping cost.

We realize these sound like some unbelievable claims, but once you understand the equipment, it all makes logical sense. We wish we could say this equipment is cost effective for all pipeline drying projects, but this just isn't the case.  However, there are many pipeline drying, vessel drying and station drying projects where our system is hands down the most cost effective. Please feel free to send us information on your upcoming drying projects so we can help you evaluate what methods are most cost effective for you. We look forward to being of assistance and hope to hear from you soon.

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