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Polly Pig Photos Courtesy of Girard Industries

Most of the original Polly Pigs patented over 40 years ago by Knapp Polly Pig, and Girard Polly Pig (now Girard Industries), called for the construction of a bullet shaped, open cell polyurethane foam material with a concave rear end. The polly pigs concave rear end, or base plate, is usually coated with a hard 90A durometer polyurethane coating, which creates a seal to help propel the pigs in either gases or liquids. This same 90A durometer polyurethane material is used to coat the bullet shaped nose as well as the criss-cross, turning and other patterns available on the body. Though somewhat flexible, this hard polyurethane coating promotes aggressive pipeline cleaning and longer cleaning runs. The original bullet shape is still the most frequently used of all polly pigs, but newer and more aggressive models like the foam disc pig have been designed over the last few years. The original polly pigs, which were designed with varying polyurethane foam material densities, have proven to be excellent for negotiating pipeline fittings, most valves and reduced bore conditions where other cleaning pigs would have become lodged in the pipeline.

Most polly pigs are manufactured with four basic categories or foam densities. Logical Pipeline Solutions tries to stock the widest variety of polly pigs as is feasible, including the new foam disc pig.  The four densities of polly pigs are generally defined as:

Light Density Polly Pigs  or Swabs (Approximately 1-2 lbs/cu.ft.) - applications include:
    Pipeline Drying
    Line Proving
    Light Scraping
    Light Cleaning

Medium Density Polly Pigs 
(Approximately 5-8 lbs/cu.ft.) - applications include:
    Pipeline Drying
    Regular Cleaning
    Longer Pipeline Runs
    Regular Scraping

Heavy Density Polly Pigs  (Approximately 9-10 lbs/cu.ft.) - applications include:
    Pipeline Drying
    Pipeline Filling & Dewatering during Hydrotesting
    Heavy Duty Pipeline Cleaning
    Maximium Pipeline Run Distances
    Aggressive Scraping

Special Application Polly Pigs  (Densities can often exceed well over 10 lbs/cu.ft.)

The Knapp and Inline Foam Disc Polly Pigs like the pig pictured above, may be one of the best polly pigs to have been patented in the last 10 years.  The cylinder shaped pig incorporates several built in foam disc, usually with a 90A durometer coating on each end as well as between each disc.  The multiple disc configuration provides excellent liquids removal, batch separation, as well as heavy scraping and cleaning.  Logical Pipeline Solutions stocks a large variety of polly pigs, and especially the foam disc polly pig, for a variety of pigging applications.  Please feel free to call or e-mail us with any questions you may have regarding pig selection.

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