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Solid Urethane Pigs

Solid urethane cleaning pigs, like the Girard Industries Turbo-Magnum and Turbo-Flex (pictured above) are just a few of the large variety of this style pig available from a variety of cleaning pig manufacturers. Like the steel mandrel pig, the solid urethane pigs are some of the most aggressive and cost effective cleaning pigs on the market.  However, the solid urethane pigs are generally a little more forgiving than the steel mandrel pigs due to the fact their body is constructed of a flexible polyurethane material and not steel. Some solid urethane pig models have a hollow body which allows the pig to collapse slightly when negotiating slight reductions in diameter. The hollow center also enables the cleaning pig to expand slightly for aggressive cleaning and batching applications. These cleaning pigs are often configured with cups, disc, brushes and other accessories somewhat like the steel mandrel pigs. The solid urethane cleaning pigs are available in three basic durometers (hardness) to accomodate a wide range of pigging applications. We look forward to potentially assisting you with the best pig selection for your particular application.

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