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Steel mandrel and Steel Body Pigs stocked for exceptional pipeline cleaning and hydrostatic testing.

Photo Courtesy of Girard Industries
Historically, most pig manufacutrers used a steel mandrel and steel spools for constructing cleaning pigs in diameters up to 14 inches. For diameters 16" and larger, pigs are built with a steel pipe body as the basic body assmebly. Cups, disc, brushes, magnets or any combination thereof can be bolted to the steel body to accomodate the necessary cleaning requirements or pipeline configuration. Steel mandrel and steel body cleaning pigs are usually the most cost effective and almost always the most aggressive of all pipeline cleaning pigs. They are usually the most cost effective because when the cups or disc are worn after several cleaning runs, they can be easily replaced instead of the entire pig. Steel mandrel and steel body pigs are also the least forgiving of all pigs so caution should be used when initiating a pipeline cleaning program for the first time with this type of pig. Pipeline information such as minimum bend radius, debris anticipated, flow conditions, minimum and maximum inside diameter and other pipeline conditions, should be reviewed with the experienced staff at Logical Pipeline Solutions prior to purchasing and initiating a pigging program with a steel mandrel pig or a steel body pig. This type of cleaning pig is almost always used for pipeline cleaning prior to running an intelligent pig, often with a magnetic pig to remove steel debris. The steel mandrel pigs and steel body pigs not only provides excellent pipeline cleaning, but can also help to give an indication of a potential problem through the use of gauging plates and other indicators prior to running the much more costly intelligent pig. Please call or e-mail us for Steel Mandrel Pig and Steel Body Pig models and accessories that are available through Logical Pipeline Solutions.

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