Logical Pipeline Solutions

Test Plugs

Logical Pipeline Solutions is now offering low, medium and high pressure test plugs manufactured by Inpipe Products. Our line of test plugs include flange testers that allow you to isolate a newly installed pipeline flange and hydrostatically test just the newly installed flange weld zone in lieu of the entire pipeline.

We also offer Inpipe's very unique Valve Removal Tool which allows for the removal of a through conduit valve while still under full line pressure.  With access to one side of a valve, the Valve Removal Tool (VRT) can be attached, the valve opened, our special high pressure plug inserted through the valve and the plug activated. The downstream side of the plug can now be depressurized allowing for the valve to be removed. Once the valve is repaired or replaced, it is then reattached to the pipeline along with the VRT. The reverse process is implemented and the plug removed. The valve is then closed and the VRT removed. Though the valve removal tool is a new technology with somewhat limited in applications, there are some special applications where this tool can be a huge cost saver.

In addition to high pressure test plug sales, Logical Pipeline Solutions will begin building a rental fleet of high pressure test plugs to solve your rental needs in hydrostatic testing and other pipeline services.

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